Some thoughts about learning path, and how to resolve troubles with learning

Hello, Guys! I’m Alex. Living in Ukraine. I’m here for two reasons: I wish to improve my programming skills and grow up my English. For almost three years I trying to get success in learning the web development, but while I’m just beginner. I’ve passed Front End Development Certification up to Basic Algorithm Scripting where I’ve stuck. I also learned JS from some books, like Eloquent JavaScript. After success in a few initial chapters, when things get more complicated I’ve stuck too. It’s made me sad and my passion dryed up for a while. Maybe there are another reason why I’m typing this post. I want to get a feedback from somebody who encountered with similar problems, and who could give me some advice.

It’s totally normal and expected to hit road blocks on the path to learning something new. Happens to everyone. Think of it this way though, getting over those blocks just makes the journey all the more worth it. Look at those blocks like any other lesson or challenge, maybe you can’t get solve it in the same ways you have previously, maybe it will take a different approach. That’s where your resources come in: FCC, books, Youtube tutorials, online tutorials, stack overflow, etc. There are countless places to hunt down how to tackle a problem you’re having or help you to understand something that’s alluding you.

I’d recommend narrowing your focus on one issue at a time. For a simple example, maybe you’re having trouble understanding how if/else statements work. That’s where you can take that specific problem and start working on a solution for it. Ask questions, seek out advice (you’re doing that already so that’s awesome!) and take it one step at a time.

Then you take the info you’ve gathered and put it into practice. And practice is HUGE. Do it over and over again until it makes sense, then try adapting that solution. Do any new problems arise? Okay, then figure out why and how to fix them. You keep doing this until the concept becomes almost second nature. Then down the line when you’re facing other problems or challenges you can make that connection “Oh yeah…maybe I could try a if/else statement here…”

Programming concepts build off each other like steps. Maybe if you’re having trouble with a current step, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to move a few steps back and see if there’s something you’ve learned previously that you can apply to a new problem.

But again, it’s totally, 100%, okay to get stuck. We all get stuck, we all have to look stuff up and/or ask our peers for advice. There is a wealth of knowledge and people willing to help around you, don’t be afraid to take advantage of it.


Thanks you very much for such open answer. It’s just okay if you a student and have a lot of time, and have a good friends who learn with you. But lack of friends can’t be a good excuse. Eventually you can come here and get an advice from good people)