Something weird came up when trying to add a new property to an object

so after I learned to add a property to an object, I tried it on my visual studio code, and I got these 3 dots under the new property I want to add that says: ‘bark’ property doesn’t exist on type …etc
why is this happening even though the FCC teaches it that way?
is it a problem or the 3 dots are just there to inform me that bark property doesn’t exist yet in the object?
when I console.log the object the bark property is added fine.

what are you using to write this code?

javascript language, visual studio code editor, i have node installed, what exactly are you asking for?

thats your environment hinting you about something. Hover over the dots and see what it has to say

it say this when i hover:


i suppose its just letting you know you are creating the property and not just reassigning an already existing one.


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