Sorry i have no idea where i should ask this but

If you like this one, then use it and make it better (whatever that means to you).

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i have used it and i wondered if there was anyother tempaltes anyone knew of

other peoples opinions u know

I know of about 256,000,000 other websites that create templates. I don’t happen to have a favorite.

are there any other good ones

Yes. Now, I don’t understand what you specifically mean by ‘good’ so you will have to find the ones you personally think are ‘good’.

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do you mean the comments?

good like a coder would know if its good or bad bad like not needed closing divs ones that are good for a beginner… there are ones for pros and beginners

sorry i dont understand.
for begginners: easy

The ones from W3School are good.

this one is commented, and uses only element type selectors. Using class selectors doesn’t make a template less easy, it makes it more flexible.

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ok, do you know of any tempaltes in that code?

Ultimately, only you will know what you think is ‘good’ enough. Honestly, the only way to solve this is for you to go onto Google and search around until you find what you want.

if for you “good” is that only uses element type selectors, you are not going to find many “good” one, as that is a really limited way of styling a page

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ok, i have look ut if the w3 one is good then illl try agian with it, thanks for yor help…

Are you talking about a CSS framework or a template? They are not the same thing.

A template is a pre-built page/site, a CSS framework is just a bunch of styles you can apply (with some styles getting applied by default to elements).

PicoCSS is not bad and mostly uses element selectors.

umm, i have never seen that before is it like an app? cos i use VLS (visual studio code),
what is it?

It is a CSS framework. It just gives your elements some nice styles. It is made so you can use it without having to apply any classes as the elements are styled directly.

i have downloaded it and dragged it into vsc but i do not know how to make it go live? is it like a template to just copy stuff (code) from?
i am still not sure what it is for? sorry.
i downloaded it and it is just files in files

Read the docs

You do not need to download it you can just use a CDN.

Put it in the head element

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

CDN? sorry what does cdn mean
whats the point in downloading it then?