Spinal Tap Challenge: can someone help with my solution


Sorry it won’t let me link or reply to the challenge (freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Spinal Tap Case).

I have come up with the following solution, which uses a for loop to test for a capital and a space. If there is a capital and a space then it will use slice to insert a space into the relevant part of the string.

function spinalCase(str) {
  const spaces = /\s+|_+/g;
  const capitals = /[A-Z]/g;

  for (let i = 1; i < str.length; i++) {
    if (capitals.test(str[i]) && !spaces.test(str[i - 1])) {
      str = `${str.slice(0, i)} ${str.slice(i)}`; //adding a space

  return str.replace(spaces, '-').toLowerCase();

As you can see it works for most the test cases except for ‘The_Andy_Griffith_Show’
spinal quokka

I think it is something to do with whether I am using the regex search globally or not but after a lot of testing I can’t figure out why, if you can see my problem I would love it if you could let me know what I have done wrong.

I have gone through the other solutions in the topic and understand them (and I understand why they are better than mine), but I would still like to make my solution work.

Hi Development-Person,

Your function adds a space to the middle of str.

str = `${str.slice(0, i)} ${str.slice(i)}`; //adding a space

Do a console.log(str) just before your return statement and you will see that the string that gets replaced has a dash - followed by a space \s in the middle.

In order to compensate for this we can change the regular expression.

const spaces = /[\s\_]+/

should do it

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that fixed it, thanks!

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