Spinning stuff - am I going crazy?

Twice now, I have experienced a weird thing on the forum on mobile both times where some interaction triggers some page elements to spin 360°!

The first time, I just clicked on a post to read and it happened. The next time (just now) I favourited 3 replies in a row and it triggered the thing as well.

The Nav logo, hamburger menu and maybe some other things are the spinners…

Is this just me?


Happened on my phone once yesterday!


Well that’s a relief :slight_smile:

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@JacksonBates @kevcomedia haha you are triggering the Konami Code plugin. I guess if you are randomly inputting the right keys there must be something wrong with it. It is extremely improbable that it could happen by chance. Should I shut it off? Was it disturbing?

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So somehow I triggered the plugin by swiping on my screen. Now that I know that it’s not some weird glitch I guess I’m fine with it, but it’ll probably surprise those who don’t know it’s a “secret feature” :slight_smile:

@QuincyLarson ha! Now I know what it is I can trigger it intentionally on mobile :slight_smile:

Three taps seem to represent A B Start sufficiently :smiley:

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What should I do? I can’t stop :laughing:

perhaps with a link to something like this



@P1xt @kevcomedia if it’s triggering unintentionally on mobile, we should definitely shut it off. Even if it’s a fun inside joke, it could make people worry that the app is buggy or insecure. It’s not worth the effort of trying to spread word of this easter egg. I will remove this next time I restart the server.

Thought it was just me :slight_smile:

I actually tried to troubleshoot it through Dev tools :mask:

OK, I’ve removed this plugin.