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this is my take on the problem. i have successfully passed 3/4. the only thing messing up my solution is that extra white space after ‘telebubbles’. how do i progress further? i’m not good with replace

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function spinalCase(str) {
let k=str.split(/[\s-_]?(?=[A-Z])/g).join('-').toLowerCase()
return k

spinalCase('This Is Spinal Tap');//passed
spinalCase("Teletubbies say Eh-oh")//not working
spinalCase("AllThe-small Things")//passed
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Challenge: Spinal Tap Case

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you split only if there is an uppercase letter, you need to split also if after the space there is a lowercase letter

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after doing (?=[A-Z\s]) i’m not getting the required result

Hi @shahid.alam57,

Try using the below regular expression along with the join and lowercase method.


Split the string at one of the following conditions ( converted to an array )

  • a whitespace character [ \s ] is encountered
  • underscore character [ _ ] is encountered
  • or is followed by an uppercase letter [ (?=[A-Z]) ]

I hope this helps

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then whats the difference between the logical OR and square brackets?

won’t it be better to take “white-space, underscore AND capital letters” instead of “white-space OR underscare OR capital letters”?

Hi @shahid.alam57

Here is the difference between OR and square bracket

  • (a|b|c) is a regex “OR” and means “a or b or c”.

  • [abc] is a “character class” that means “any character from a,b or c” (a character class may use ranges, e.g. [a-d] = [abcd] )

I hope this helps


i see. so the square bracket acts as a range setter?

Yes, Exactly. That’s the major difference between them.

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