Split Your Styles into Smaller Chunks with Partials 5

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Now I’m totally clueless. I’m not using an underscore or anything like that to make it seem like I’m using one. What in the world is going on with my codes?

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// The main.scss file

@import 'variables.scss'

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Re-read this part of the lesson again

For example, if all your mixins are saved in a partial named “_mixins.scss”, and they are needed in the “main.scss” file, this is how to use them in the main file:

// In the main.scss file

@import ‘mixins’

So, the answer would be @import ‘variables.scss’ ? I’m so confused by it.

Well no, you’ve already tried that and it didn’t work.
Look at the lesson again. Besides the underscore being removed, what else is being removed from _mixins.scss?

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I’m not sure what’s being removed from


I’ll quote the lesson again…
// In the main.scss file

@import ‘mixins’

so let’s pretend instead of ‘mixins’ it’s ‘variables’

Your answer was @import ‘variables.scss’

Does that look like the answer they gave as a sample @import mixins?

I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand. My learning disability is kicking in big time, and it’s hard for me to understand things that seem difficult for me…

Yes, I understand you have a learning disability but you didn’t get into college with a learning disability by people giving you answers directly. You know how to learn.

I’ll do this again. In the lesson they used ‘mixins’ so it looked like ‘_mixins.scss’. The import was coded as @import mixins

The only thing different in the lesson is that instead of the partial being called ‘_mixins.scss’ the partial is called ‘_variables.scss’

So, not only was the underscore dropped but the extension was dropped too. Can you see that?

Actually, I did get in college to where they gave me answers directly to help me out. I tell all of my professors that I have a major learning disability, and they always help me out, plus, I get tutoring, too, to help with assignments that I don’t understand.

And as for your question, I can not see that. My mind is going crazy with this lesson, and it’s confusing me even more thinking about it.

Okay, I’ll try one more time. In the lesson they show,
the partial is named _mixins.scss and to use it it’s @import mixins

You are given a partial name _variables.scss The only difference between the two is ‘mixins’ and ‘variables’ So how would you write the import statement? (You already know that @import variables.scss is incorrect.)

I’m not sure, @Roma. You are making things more confusing for me. My learning disability is kicking in big time, and I can’t even understand coding anymore…

I’m sorry @LBDemaree, I’ll stop. Maybe we both need to sleep on it.
All I’m saying, and have said, is that all you have to do is change the word mixins to variables and the test will pass.
I was trying to explain the why too.

I understand that, but, when my learning disability gets horrible, I struggle so much that I start going into full panic mode. Mental illness and learning disability does not mix well at all.