SQL installation help?

I want to install SQL but I can’t understand what to do next?

I am stuck here.

I can’t Install SQL workbench I don’t know what to do next Please help me.

Have you tried the stand-alone installer for Workbench
or are you using the combined installer? Are there any log entries in the Windows logs or any other error messages that says what is failing?

I don’t understand what to do next How I install My SQL workbench please help me.

I have combined your 3 SQL topics into a single thread. Please do no open multiple topics for the same question.

Yeah, I was very frustrated to install SQL workbench that’s why I was open multiple thread in short time but now I will manage to solve my problem.
I’m so Sorry for that :sweat:.

It looks like your MySQL workbench is already installed. I’m guessing while running the .exe for setup, you chose the ‘Default’ option to setup your MySQL in default mode. What it does is install certain things by default. So, your MySQL Server, and your Workbench are already installed. You should be able to access them. Try looking the workbench on your search bar. Does that work?

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