SRC attribute error for Cat image

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After I run test I get error message of “src attribute fail”

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src is stated right there in code. What am I not seeing? Is it a style attribute? Don’t think so.
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Ironically the darn cat loaded in forum but not on my quiz.!
here is the code

Hi mzbweb,

I can’t see the code, but so long as you have your img tag set with a the attribute tags requested, you should be fine:

<img src="url" alt="description">

If you have any typos, or missing/extra spaces, then that could be why.

Can you paste in your image tag from your code?


You provided the wrong URL for the SRC

The challenge asks you to use

Once you fix that you should be all set.

This is one of the nice things about FCC, they force you to read the full requirements, and any assumptions or shortcuts taken are no bueno :slight_smile:

<img src ="" alt = "Arelaxingcat. ">

this is the link that the test tells me to go to.

but there is no .jpg for the link so it will not load image.

IT works! Thank yuo!

It works! Thank you!

Alright! Good working it out.