Start a Working Express Server

so i’m starting backend today and got stuck on the app.get part, idk what am I doing wrong (I’m using Replit btw, if that makes difference)

let express = require(‘express’);
let app = express();

app.get(‘/’, (req, res) => {
res.send(‘Hello Express’);

console.log(‘Hello World’);

module.exports = app;

Maybe it sounds dumb but I have that problem with it at the beggining, be sure you are running the app with the green play button from replit

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unfortunately as incredible as I am, I thought it might be the case but it still doesn’t work

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Start a Working Express Server

that’s the challenge.

sorry but idk how i can share the full code with you :confused:

uhh i find a post from someone who had the same problem, it’s a bug from replit. Just needed to STOP and RUN without changing the code a couple times. Sorry for take your time and thanks :slight_smile:

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Exact thing happened with me too

This worked for me, Thanks!

Click STOP and RUN each time you make a change.