Starting a career with FCC certifications

I am completely new to coding and have been having a lot of fun learning through the freeCodeCamp curriculum. One thing im not sure about is how to get a job after earning my certifications. Do i need to earn all of the certifications to be able to land a job? i.e. the responsive web design, and the java script algorithms, and the front end development… etc. or will earning the web design one be enough to land me a job in web design type thing?

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So, the certifications cannot guarantee you a job. These are not accredited certifications, so they are more for you. It would be better to go through all the certifications if you really want to land a job, as they are going to increase your knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas. Even after finishing the certifications, there is still work to do. You will want to work on creating your project and getting a good portfolio ready to show potential companies that you are applying to. Since you are just starting out, I would not worry about any of that right now, as it can be really stressful. Take it one day at a time, any questions you have, or if you get stuck, then please feel free to ask them here. There are plenty of knowledgeable people who can point you in the right direction and help you with any issues you are having with the challenges.


Doing just FCC alone won’t get you job-ready either. There are additional things to learn that FCC doesn’t cover - consider FCC a “framework” of sorts, you’ll need to spend more time digging into related topics and sub-topics to actually get job-ready: Can I get or entry a Job by learning of basics of html, css, javascript, react, git/github, - #3 by astv99

Yes, you can’t just depend on freeCodeCamp alone to get a job. Btw what do you mean by job? Can you explain which path you like?

  • Front End Developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and some JavaScript libraries (React, Vue, etc). The Front End manages the UI and website functionality.)

  • Back End Developer (There are many languages to choose from. Examples Python, Java, SQL , etc. The Back End deals with storing data and stuff like that.

  • Full Stack (Combination of Frontend and Backend)