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Hi, I’m not really sure what I am doing here or how to go about things but I don’t know where I should start. The last time I coded anything was almost 20 years ago in HTML. I just recently found out about this place and I wanted to make a change for myself.

I’m willing to do what needs doing but all I have to use is my phone which I know will make things more difficult but with those things in mind. What might be the best starting point?

Thank you for any suggestions. Have a lovely day.

If you are using a mobile device, the default keyboard does not always play well with the freeCodeCamp editor. I recommend you read the article on using a mobile device to view some tips - most importantly, check out the coding keyboards listed as they interface with the editor well. I know that sometimes you have to work with what you have, but I do recommend looking into what options might be available to you . That could mean borrowing a laptop from a library occasionally, or looking into peripherals that work with your phone, or starting to save for a low-cost computer. You can make it work with just a phone, but the further you progress in your learning, the more frustrating you’ll probably find that to be.

Thank you for the suggestions and I’ll take then to heart. I will look into suitable keyboards for my phone and read the link you shown.

Thank you again. Have a lovely day.

Hi DM,
Although you Can Do almost anything on your phone, it is Not always the Fun way. LOL
I know buddies that take regular trips to their local library and spent an hour or two a week on their computers. Is that something available to you?
Best of Luck,

Hi Mockrun,
It might be possible. That will take some investigating as the last time I was there, I wouldn’t be surprised if my phone had more computing power than their’s. However, that could have changed and either way. Something is better than nothing.
Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll look into that as soon as possible.

Have a lovely day.

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