Starting the Curriculum today... Any tips?

Hi there
So I am starting the curriculum today and looking forward to a challenging course full of knowledge and motivation.
I will usually be doing it during my free time at work in my office.

Any tips on the curriculum that I should know of?


1.) Take your time with it. There’s no rush, there’s no race.
2.) Practice the things you learn.
3.) Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions/get help here on the forum. Help is a post away.
4.) There are no stupid questions.
5.) Gather supplementary material/lessons from the internet. FCC is a great curriculum but it doesn’t hold your hand. It’s meant to be used in conjunction with other learning sources.
6.) Practice. Seriously, practice everything.
7.) It’s totally normal to feel frustrated.
8.) It’s totally normal to feel discouraged.
9.) If you’re not getting something, step away from it for a little while and do something completely different. Then come back to it. If it’s still not clicking, ask for help.
10.) Take notes. Word the concepts you’re learning into your own way of thinking/speaking. It’ll help you remember and understand them better.
11.) Take breaks. Even if you’ve got a good groove going on, stop, get up and walk around, stretch, drink some water :wink:
13.) Don’t worry about libraries and frameworks just yet. Get real good at pure HTML/CSS/JS and then you can branch out.
14.) CSS can seem like mysterious black magic at first, but once you get the fundamentals down, it’s way less supernatural.
15.) Get yourself a good code editor: Sublime, Virtual Studio Code, Brackets, etc. Those are all free to use.
16.) Become best friends with your browser’s code viewer (Chrome’s DevTools, Firefox’s Firebug, etc). They will be immensely helpful in the long run.
17.) Have fun! And if you don’t have fun at first that’s totally normal. Try stuff out, see if there’s anything you enjoy using.


Don’t underestimate it. I have spend some hours doing it.

I can’t post link, search for “How to: Work at Google — Resume Tips” in youtube.

Also take a look into a resume sample that Microsoft sent me in an recruiting event.

I can’t post a link to it too :frowning_face:


Well I could say a lot of things like do this or do that but what’s most important just keep doing it no matter how much just be consistent and enjoy it
best of luck :+1:


I have a few tips:

  1. Do the projects. The coding challenges are good for getting particular functionalities introduced to you, but it is by doing a project you will see how the different functionalities work together.
  2. Don’t make FCC your only resource. No single coding curriculum can truly capture all the nuances of a language. As you get deeper into the curriculum, you’ll find that you may need to look things up from difference resources to make the project function properly.
  3. Don’t let projects hold you from progressing through the curriculum. In the past month or so, I’ve seen many people say, “I am really hoping to finish my responsive web projects so that I can move onto JavaScript.” Once you get to the “projects” of a section, start splitting time between the “learning” part of the next section and the “projects” section. Doing this will help you help stay motivated while allowing you do take your time on the project to make sure you understand the concepts from the previous section.

I wish you the best of luck.