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I am just confused about how to start. The tribute letter had three panels. When I click on the top link I get a survey form. First I tried to fill it in, sites are always asking us to take surveys but I guess thats the finished product. I came back to the start page and click on the second link and I get stories but how do I get the three panels.
How do I get started?

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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do you mean the 3 green stripes on top of each other from the example page? If so,
copy this code:

<script src=""></script>

into whatever you’re using. Or if you want the original link,

Okay I think I found it, I have to press the editors view on the survey form page.
Thanks for the link, it helped me look again.

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you should start from scratch, you should not start from the provided example

show that you are able to start your project on your own from the empty canvas!

You know I am here to learn but it can be very hard to see the instructions. I have found it but its very frustrating looking at pages and wondering what do I do next.
This site goes from hand-holding to you are on your own now very quickly. And your to tough love reply do it from scratch is meaningless. Do what; is the question. The code pen thing led to setting up a new account; I got three pages open and I am tied so good night.

yes, you need a codepen account if you want to use codepen, otherwise you can’t save your work.

as written below the user stories:

forking the pen means you are copying the pen with the test suite to your codepen account and there you can create your project and also save it, if you don’t once you close the page it will be lost, and you would not be able to submit your project

Yes thank you. I was very tied last night. I tend to do this programming when it’s late. Not the best time to read instructions. Thanks for your help.