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I have been having this problem for weeks now and I don’t know whats wrong. I got so desperate that I showed this to the family member who got me to sign up here in the first place. unfortunately we may have made it worse. also the way to post to the forums isn’t showing up for some reason so I had to screen shot it. Thank you for the time to read this.

Please post your actual code instead of a picture. Thanks

Hi whyjustwhy. In this case you need to turn the image into a link. I noticed some elements are in the wrong order. <p> element should be outside the <a> element. First <p> then <a>.

Base on your screenshot, I think the problem is the <p>(paragraph) tag is inside the <a> (anchor)tag, the <p>(paragraph) tag should be outside of the <a>(anchor) tag.
And I think your “cat photos” inside your <p>(paragraph) tag should be a link (inside a <a>(anchor) tag with a dead link using “#” rather than _blank ). Another thing that I see is your <a>(anchor) tag, it should be a dead link using “#”.

The order should be
<p>" Click here to view more" <a href="#">“cat photos”</a> </p>,
<a target = (dead link using "#") insert " href "> <img insert "src" and "alt"> </a>

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