Step 16 problems

step 16. it says "take your “h2”, comment, “p” and anchor (a) elements and nest them in a section element idkkkk

Can’t see the tutorial or any of the specifics but I’d imagine you want something like this:

   <a href="">anchor</a>
   <a href="">anchor</a>
   <a href="">anchor</a>

usually a div would be used as a “section” element but I can’t see any of the specs so this might not be the right direction. hopefully it helps.

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where do i place the “div”?

the opening & closing div would be the outermost elements on the top and bottom of the block of code and would contain all other elements(h2, p, a).

see the formatting above. also keep in mind that I can’t see the details so I’m not totally sure this will necessarily help

i apoligize for answering so late. the “div” did not work but i figured it out. thank you!