Step 41 HELP! Learn Basic Css by Building a Cafe Menu

How am I supposed to create two

tags with no space between them? I am so lost and stuck at step 41. PLEASE HELP!!!

Step 41

That worked, but there is still a little space on the right of the price.

You could keep trying various percentages for the widths. Instead, simply move the price p element to be on the same line and make sure there is no space between them.


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Can you show what you tried so far?

The directions don’t want you to create any new tags.
They want you to move the second p tag right next to the first one without spaces.

Make sense?

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The p tag automatically adds a line break…

I tried deleted the < on the second p tag. It worked, but when I hit submit, the code wasn’t accepted…

I have no idea what I am supposed to do…

I think you are misunderstanding the challenge.

The directions want you to move the second p element right next to the first one.
You don’t need to worry about any css.

Here is an example of what they want you to do.

<p>Example 1</p><p>example 2</p>

You see how the two p tags are right next to each other?
You are supposed to do that with the p tags already there in the html document.

Hope that clarifies.


That was so simple I was totally making it more complicated than it is…I thought I had to place the actual text adjacent with no spaces. Thank you for helping me with this.

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thanks, really helpful: smile:

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Hello! I’m a bit confused about the logic of this challenge because I thought that spaces between HTML tags didn’t matter. Could you please elaborate on why removing the space between the two paragraph tags changed the styling of the page?

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I can understand where the confusion is coming from because it is not really explained in the lesson.

I would suggest reading through this explanation of what is happening.
There are a few code examples and a good article to look at regarding spacing and inline-block elements.

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