Step 45 question of HTML Responsive Web Design

I have an issue with this particular code regarding id attributes.
I have my radio button set, but my issue is adding the id attribute with the value indoor to the radio button. it seems to puzzle me. Any advice here?

my code:

<label><input id type="indoor radio"> Indoor</label>

link to the challenge:

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It doesn’t look like you formatted your code right, so the forums tried to render it as HTML and it’s been hidden. To format it (so we can see it :slightly_smiling_face:) copy/paste it between to rows of three backticks:

Your code here

Basically though, the id attribute can be added like any other attribute. For example here is a <p> element with both a class and an id attribute:

<p class="my-class" id="my-id"> some text </p>

Hey, it worked! :smiley: after toiling with this for about 30 minutes, I was able to solve the issue with your awesome advice :D. Unknowingly, I just had to nest it/wrap it between “radio” and Indoor. Your code did help me with the visual representation though!

Also, thank you for pointing out to me how to input my code into the forum since the website tries to format it, I did backticks like you told me and it helped greatly!!

Again, thank you so much!!


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