Step 46 has a glitch. Will not let me continue

You are saying to the right of the ending of my input should be capitalized right?

Outside of the input element but inside of the label, yes, that word should be capitalized.

I can’t see your full code in this picture. It looks right, but without the ability to copy and run your code, I can not be sure.

When I type that exact same code, as I read it, it works for me.

I would reset the code on this step and type in those two new elements on a new line with that capitalization.

Indoor isnt capitalized

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Doesn’t affect the tests. Pre-existing code should not change, but only the new code is being tested for capitalization.

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Hi @Pfish !

My advice, would be to reset the lesson.
Do not alter the first label at all.

Create a new label right below the indoor label.
Double check to make sure you have the id and label text correct.
As mentioned capitalization matters.

Once you do all of those things, then the test will pass.

Hope that helps!

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Yup, the reset is the best bet. Without having the full code to run ourselves, it’s hard to see what small change may have happened in unrelated code to break the tests.

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U put this way, input type=… then id

You have to write the code one after the other, not below…I also tried many times and it passed like this


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