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I’m stuck at the margin request. I’m thinking of it as Top, right, bottom, left, and so have adjusted the numbers accordingly but it’s not being accepted. The original margin was set as 1em auto; I’ve tried both leaving the auto at the end and removing it, neither works. Any suggestions?

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margin: 1em 0 1em 0; ← what am I missing here?

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Challenge: Step 54

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HI @aceveyesi !

Welcome to the forum!

The auto is supposed to be there because that represents the left right margins.
You just need to change the first number which represents the top-bottom margins.
So the margin should only have two values not 4.

Also, you haven’t mentioned the second component of the challenge which is to adjust its width to never be below 300px. make sure you have added that part too.

When I have those two things, it passes for me.

Hope that helps!

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Yes I was able to get the width down but was just having issues with the margin. I was overthinking it, thank you so much for your help!

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