Step 58: Checkbox made, will not pass

Make sure that the id for the inputs is lowercased; it’s just a property that they have that doesn’t actually have anything to do with what shows up on the screen.

Also, it looks like you have an extra “Lazy” checkbox. Good luck!

Hey! thanks for replying. I just made all the id’s lowercase, it did not work. Also step 58 started with me having only a checkbox for loving and lazy but the instructions are telling me to add another checkbox. Even with this 3rd checkbox (the second lazy one) it still is giving me the hint that I need to add a new checkbox.

I just looked at the lesson and found that it does indeed say “You need to add a new checkbox” when there are 3 checkboxes.

I think that’s just a misleading error message in this case; you’re only supposed to have two checkboxes. By “add another checkbox” they’re assuming that you only have the “loving” checkbox and want you to add the “lazy” one.

Try just running that code without the last line (46) and if it still doesn’t work, copy and paste the snippet here along with the error.

Okay I took out line 46 and ran it. This is what it gives me.

Because in the beginning of this step, the code is exactly how it is now. I did nothing to it but it is still asking me to change things

Okay so what I did was just reset the lesson. you were right, it was asking me to only have a total of two checkboxes. for some reason it did not accept the original code i placed so when I reset it, it fixed whatever issue it had. My code it accepted is the same as the second picture i sent you here. Thank you for your help

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