Step 7 Registration Form

I was wondering why on this step we set the body width to 100% and height to 100vh. One thing I was wondering was why set the width to 100% if by default it is 100%? My other question was why are we using viewport units (vh) instead of %. Is it because we want to make sure that the height doesn’t change no matter where in the DOM the body is?

Hi, @Tadster
may I ask for your code, and link to the challenge? It’s just this step and I was curious…

Hi, if you are curious about css units try reading this post.

hope it helps.!

Well, the main question I have is why are we setting these values in the first place? Isn’t the body 100% by default and so why do we need to set them instead of just leaving it out?

Hi again take a look here.

Ok so I guess they just put it on the body because it’s semantic and good practice.

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