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How can I step through my code to see the results per line, or, at least see results as I add code. As it is, I type all the code in, run the test and see the results of the last line. This is frustrating when half of it is right!

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Not necessarily stepping through code line by line, but you can see the values of variables using a VS plugin called “Quokka”. If it shows a red box, then that means there’s some syntax error within that line.

another example

Plugin here:

Have you started using console.log() to test your assumptions about what the code is doing yet? That can help you debug line by line if you like :slight_smile:

It’s easier to use console.log on something like codepen though - the test runner in the challenges means you log to the console for all of the tests.

See this challenge for more details:

You can use Chrome’s DevTools to put breakpoints in your code and step over and into lines of code. Open DevTools (F12), go to “Sources”, click to the left of a line number to set a breakpoint at that line.

What’s a VS plugin? What is VS?

I think console.log is what I was looking for. I knew I had seen it somewhere, but couldn’t figure out where.

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I will have to look into this for more advanced projects. Thanks!

I meant Visual Studio Code.

Okay, I will look at that. Thank you.