Still can't Mongo it up

It’s been a week and I have yet to troubleshoot my way through MongoDB. On both my local machine and c9, I can’t get anything running properly. This has been a royal pain in my ass and if anyone out there has an idiot-proof guide for me to follow, I’m all ears.


Do you have more info on your issues? What OS are you on? What errors print? What did you run to install mongodb? … Looks like it starting today.


I already signed up after the first couple days of frustration. But, I had still hoped to get this working prior to the course. Thanks though.


I had to muck around for a bit before being able to complete the challenge on C9 environment. I documented my experience in this post ( Feel free to take a look to see if it helps you.

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Thanks. After this experience, though, I’m gonna get familiar with Mongo through other means. Perhaps I’ll come back to this in a few weeks’ time.