Still learning bootstrap

Hey all,

I’ve completed the HTML/CSS/jQuery and Bootstrap portion of FCC and I’ve also done both the tribute page and the portfolio site. I decided I still need to work more with Bootstrap to fully understand it and I’ve decided to build a few more simple pages on codepen. I’m trying to build a simple landing page, but I’m having trouble with the images and backgrounds. I want an image to be the full length of a landing page. I’m trying to do it with a background color right now, but it’s not letting me set the height at 100%. It’s making me add a pixel value. Can you take a look at my code and see what I need to do to do to make this background 100% of the screen? Thanks!

It looks fine to me. Is this still an issue?

do you want an image to be your background?

I am assuming you solved this

Sorry for the late responses. I got involved with something else.

I did not solve this.

Here is the pen:

So there is white space below the image when I resize to a smaller screen. I want the image to be the same height and width when I resize to any screen.