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Anyone else having issues integrating socket with Heroku?

I can get it to work on localhost?

I am not to back end in the curriculum but while poking around a few days ago I found this thread which may be useful, assuming the port is the problem:

Holy shit I’m dumb! I believe that’s the problem. I was specifying the port in the app!! You rule man

No problem. Saved that link for future reference specifically because it seems like such an easy thing to mess up.

Found the issue. I had to remove the redux devtools in production.

let enhancer;
if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {
  enhancer = window.devToolsExtension ?
    window.devToolsExtension() :

been having the same issue since last night, i pretty much tried every thing, app works fine locally but socket doesn’t work when deployed on heroku, I put in a ticket @ heroku , waiting on the response if they fix it i’ll post here,

app link,

Edit: figured it out, but not in the way I would have liked to keep it. It turns out that if the socket connection would have been made on the main port of the app it works fine on heroku, but since I had mine on a proxy, where the api server is listening, for some reason that didn’t work, although it was fine on my local machine , with no problems whatsoever.
So I put the socket in the same port that the main app is running in, and for those who maybe having this same problem in the future, if you are using the express setup scaffolding, then the socket has to be in the bin/www file as that is where the main app server is listening at, you can try to export it out with app.js, but I didn’t see the point of doing all that and just left it there.
Oh, and heroku staff was no help at all, as they told me “support is only for platform issues”, but for a free account I’m not surprised I got that response.