Stock Price Checker InfoSec

my repl returns no issue bt its not running the tests in the console. fcc is pasing all other tests bt the 5 functional tests, which seems to be okay. what do I need to do to fix this?..welp

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solution: boilerplate-project-stockchecker - Replit

Challenge: Stock Price Checker

Link to the challenge:

I just cloned your repo, ran the tests, and all passed. Did you set NODE_ENV=test in your secrets?

Thank you for your response. previously had them in sample.env now its in my secret env and the tests are passing, all other issues are not passing again when I submitted the solution link due to the reason that my repl is having problems waking up everytime i run it

passed the project. it was an issue with the sec env setup.

Good. You have to have the NODE_ENV set, but even then there are timing issues between and running the tests (it’s this way on all the node projects that check that your tests pass) that I don’t understand and haven’t attempted to debug. My timing fix is to retry a time or two and it usually works.

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