Storing Values with the Assignment Operator - Assigning a to b with =

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Instructions (the first three are correct and the last one I can’t seem to get):
Do not change code above the line
a should have a value of 7
b should have a value of 7
a should be assigned to b with =

Link to the challenge:

This is what I have so far:

// Setup
var a;
var b = 2;

// Only change code below this line
var a=7;
var b=7;

I tried assigning a to b like:
var b = var a;

but this did not work. What am I doing wrong?

Whenever you are using the word var, you are telling the program ‘hey, here is a completely new variable I have not declared before’. So you only need to declare variables once with the var keyword and the following times just use the variable name, in this case a.

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You…are awesome. I was wondering what I was doing wrong.

Okay so, I understand var is used to declare a variable, so putting

var b = var a; 

will not work. But does this mean i just put

b = a;

cause when I did that it still did not work. Maybe I am just not understanding. :expressionless:

b= a is fine, but before that you need to give a value to the a variable. The exercise asks you for 7 I think.
The relation is basically A equals 7 and B equals A. So B will equal 7.

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So I just tried it, I guess because the code was still all white, I thought I was doing something wrong. But the following worked. Thank you so much!