Storing videos for websites

I’m about a couple weeks into creating a website for a client and one main feature would be selling music that are presented as videos. I’ve heard of storing videos locally but I feel like it would be better to store them in the cloud. My question is, how would I interface between node, mongodb, and the cloud? Would I store the links in mongodb?

I have some experience with AWS. On that platform you would need S3 and you may want to look at cloud front

If you do setup you videos and other services in AWS, make sure you select more than one availability zone. While AWS is very robust anything can be knocked of line. by using more than one AZ it is almost impossible to take the content you have offline.

Also keep in mind that Netflix is hosted on AWS and they release a lot of their code they have made for free. I have not looked at it so I can not say of how much good it will be for your use case, still worth a look.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ve just started looking into AWS. It seems like a great place for storing files in the cloud.