String Immutability. Why am I doing wrong here?

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// Setup
var myStr = "Jello World";

// Only change code below this line
myStr = "Hello World";
myStr[0] = "H"; // Fix Me

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Challenge: Understand String Immutability

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this will give the error, for the immutability. this lesson is teaching that this line is wrong and can’t work

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You can’t change individual characters in a string. That’s why they’re immutable. Removing the last line of your code should fix it.

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Oh right! I got it now, thanks!

I get it now, Thank you so much!

In javascript Strings are immutable i.e. individual characters cannot be changed. But str[1] = 'o' does work in languages like C/C++ because Strings are mutable, in fact in C there are no String types, String is an array of characters.