String script gone wrong :/

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bro this is very broken the thing is telling me that i need 1 or more characters but idk what that means can u help me
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var myName = "myFirstName";
var myName = "myLastName";

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Challenge: Declare String Variables

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Read carefully what it is asking you to do: it asks you to create two variables one called…? and the other called…? (hint, it doesn’t ask you to create two variables both called myName)

nvm it diddnt work what do i do now

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i think they are both supposed to be called yourname BUTT that dont work

Nope, read the instructions carefully. It is completely unambiguous, it definitely does not ask you to do that

alr it says to assign them to the values of my first and last name but how

No it doesn’t, they are the names of the variables!

i did it thx for helping