Strong tag not working

So I have been working through these exercices and have come across a problem:

Wrap a strong tag around “Stanford University” inside the p tag.

<p>Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at <strong> Stanford University.</strong></p>

why is it saying:

The strong tag should wrap around the words “Stanford University”

You have a space and a period (full stop) inside your strong tag.

yes I found that out. In the real world it wouldnt matter lol.

Well, a unit test would fail in the real world.

Really …WOW!!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

very strict then. :grimacing:

If it doesn’t match the comps QA would send it back.

It’s not so much a matter of being “strict” so much as what computers can do. Imagine that you have a web page that says “Hi lukeMersh” on the banner. You would want a unit test that checks whether the section that holds a username changes to “lukeMersh” after you log in. The test pulls the text out and compares it to the expected value. It would say " lukeMersh." is not the same as "lukeMersh" and the test would fail.
The hard part of programming isn’t that computers are smart. The hard part is that the are very very stupid.

very true.
I have spent enormous amounts of money on course on Udemy trying to learn more and update my skills.
It wasnt till I read an article about this site , I looked into following it, and it is very comprehensive.
So I will definitely donate.

Are these qualifications / certificates widely recognized?

Love this course.
Ps - is there an app I can download too?, as I have very little free time, but could do some in my lunch break at work.
many thanks in advance

There is not an app for freecodecamp, but I am sure there a few apps out there that you can use, though maybe I would suggest reading a book about coding, there are a few free ones (example, You Don’t Know JavaScript book series), and actually code when you are comfortable in front of a computer

The certificates aren’t part of any official certification process or anything and I’d say that on their own they mostly just show that you followed through on completing courses. What you learn and the projects you build are definitely deeply relevant though.

FCC doesn’t have an app, but you can add the forum to your app drawer. Also there are a bunch of YouTube videos you could watch or articles you could read on your lunch breaks.

I am doing a Javascript course with Sololearn, but using their app as I can do the question on my mobile phone at work, that why I was hoping that there maybe an app for this course too.

FCC curriculum does work on mobile devices although I think the small form factor is not the best for this type of work.

you can use CSS to Style the font weight of Strong Element

    font-weight: bold;

@VictorOmondi1997 You are correct. And that was explained in the lesson; though it wasn’t how the lesson was to be completed.

The lesson was to use the strong tag.