Struggling to see the relevance in the Algorithm Scripting Challenges

Hi guys,

I am currently working through the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting challenges and really find it hard to understand the relevance of these challenges. Yeah, I get that it helps build your problem solving skills… But wouldn’t it be better to actually work on real world front end problems?

That being said, it would be really awesome to know when or where these algorithm problems would/could/should be used in the “real world”.

I suppose all I want to know is in what context many of these challenges would be useful… I

Hi, I have to admit I haven’t used many of them so far (busy with the calculator). But I do use all the functions that you use when solving the algorithms. So you probably won’t use the exact algorithms that often, but is really usefull for learning (how to use) all the different functions.

If you prefer working on real word front end problems, you can already jump to advanced front end development project, and come back later to algorithms sections.

I guess one of the purposes of algorithms is to make you, as a student, focus first on the logic behind or on tiny functionalities that will be part of your program, instead of adding the extra difficulty of implementing it into a complete project, which can be overwhelming for a beginner.Finishing the algorithms challenges gives the student confidence before working on complex front-end projects (Some of the fcc front end projects are quite challenging, at least for a beginner).

Also, feel free to invent projects based on these algorithms.

Yeah, I like the challenge of it all, but I suppose what I would love to see is some “real world” context behind these algorithms – where they could or would apply in the real world.

But again, it’s not a diss on FCC its just coming from a point of struggle! And I suppose I’m the kind of person who really loves to know “why” something is how it is and what it’s good for.

Thanks for the response

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One real world example of using algorithms seems to be needing to feel comfortable with them during job interviews. Seems most companies (at least here in the San Francisco Bay Area) use algorithm problems during interviews to weed out potential employers.