Struggling to upload project to github

git push not working as expected here is the latest error

There are a few potential reasons why git push may not be working as expected:

  1. Authentication issues: Make sure you have the correct credentials and that you have permission to push to the repository.
  2. Local changes: Check to see if you have any uncommitted changes in your local repository. You may need to commit or stash them before pushing.
  3. Network connectivity issues: Verify that you have a stable internet connection and that you can connect to the remote repository.
  4. Branch issues: Ensure that you have the correct branch checked out and that it is up to date with the remote branch.
  5. Repository permission issues: Check that you have permission to push to the specific branch you are trying to push to.

can i push without ssh on the virtual machine? and if yes do i have to generate the keys in the vm

You have to do the push from your local machine. The vm for the course cannot be used.

but how do i pull the stuff from the vm to my local machine?

Have you read the pinned post? It mentions how.