Struggling with JavaScript

Hi all,
I’m a 47 year old science and very interested in coding. I’m really struggling with JavaScript though. I’m currently working through Basic Algorithm Scripting. I understand the code when I see the solutions but have not been able to figure any out on my own. I’m looking for any advice that might help me.

This is hard to learn. There’s a lot of new knowledge, skills, habits, and ways of thinking to learn and you might be out of practice learning completely new material. Be patient with yourself and remember that it is, in fact, difficult.

Comprehending code solutions and creating them are two different skills, although they both require a lot of the same knowledge. If you have found yourself looking at solutions several times, then you are probably building your comprehension skills but not building your solution skills. The further you go the more overwhelming this will be because the problems will get more complicated. If that’s the position you find yourself in, I suggest going back to earlier challenges and pushing yourself to work through them without looking at solutions. Ask your community here for help and advice when you need it. We’ll try to help you solve the problem rather than read the solution.

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Thank you for that advice. I’m working through earlier coding challenges as suggested and things seem to be clicking better.

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