Stuck in Learn SQL Build Student Database - 560.1

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for your help. I feel like I have the command typed in properly and in the right place but the code checker is not advancing. I don’t see my error. Any guidance?

If it helps, it is step 560.1. I’ve included the section below and doublechecked against the hints.

You used the psql command to log in and interact with the database. You can use it to just run a single command and exit. Above your loop, add a PSQL variable that looks like this: PSQL="psql -X --username=freecodecamp --dbname=students --no-align --tuples-only -c". This will allow you to query your database from your script. The important parts are the username, dbname, and the -c flag that is for running a single command and exiting. The rest of the flags are for formatting.

Test might be expecting it in different position. Try moving the line above the one starting with cat courses.csv (...).

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Thank you @sanity . I was really stumped but, in reading your note, this makes perfect sense and passes. One should be logged into the database through the script before working with data that will be placed into it!