Stuck in my Quote Machine

Hi campers,

I’ve been working on my quote machine for some time and decided to drop the JSON stuff for a more simple solution. The issue I have now is that no matter how small I want to go, I get stuck anyway. Here’s what I have for now. Any suggestion on how to make the random quotes display?

Push through with the API. Trust me, you’ll have to do it sometime and the other API’s for the next projects are harder to use, so use this as an opportunity to force yourself to learn it.

Thanks! My plan was to actually make this thing work in a simple way and then try the API’s solution (the basic HTML and CSS would match anyway). Being stuck either way is not really motivating, at the moment :confused:

Trust me the API is actually easier than the “simple” way. Mine was able to be functional in under 25 lines of JQuery code.

What I will say is that I got really acquainted with the chrome devtools (hitting f12 in chrome). If you would like a guide to using it to check if your json is working Ill type it when I wake up tomorrow.

Sure thing, thanks! Any help at this point is very much appreciated!

Yea you should learn to use API sooner or later. But your quote machine almost works as it is:) you’re just missing commas in your quotes array and the rest is fine

I just finished this challenge last night. A lot of stuff to learn from this challenge!!! By the time you finish this, you will be unstoppable.

Here are a few things that FCC never mentioned when they make this challenge, and probably for good reason.

You won’t be getting classroom tutoring in real jobs setting, so you will most likely need to figure it out yourself.

There is a few technical stuff you have to understand before you can finish this challenge.

1/ How is the API transfer its data and WHO does it provide to. Check out cross-origin resource sharing issue with API usage for more detail. This is the biggest issue for me and for many others, but once the issue is solved, it is solved. :smiley:

2/ Website cache, you will run into this problem once you can grab info from the API.

3/ Twitter intent. This is the last thing you will need to solve, but is fairly easy.

For now you are doing good, but the best route is use the API. Because you will eventually have to learn it.

Ask more questions when you are stuck.

Alright guys, thanks so much for your support! I spent a few days on the API solution (revisiting the previous version w/array of quotes) and I think the result is not bad at all, as first real try. Here’s the link, if any of you is interested in having a look. Cheers and thanks again!