Stuck @ Learn SQL Building student Database

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Hes guys, I am stuck at this level. Do you have an Idea to fix this?
I logged in after my last learning session and the terminal says

“relation majors does not exist”.

Maybe I it is just creating a relation to the majors table. But I don’t know how to do this.
Any tipps and tricks for this problem?

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Challenge: Build a Student Database: Part 1

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Are you connected to the database?

Try \c students and then run the commands. Also, make sure to check all the hints.


I tried, but Terminal-response is “bash: c: command not found.”
I also checked the hints.

You are connected to the postgres database @Projekto0r, you need to be connected to students. Enter @zaira_h’s suggested command in the psql prompt (not the bash terminal) to connect to it. You should then be able to pass the step.