Stuck on HTML test

Tried it a couple times and didnt get it. Watched the video. Even copied it exactly from the video and still will not pass.

We should be able to help you if you share your formatted code.

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<input id="indoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor">
<label for="indoor>Indoor</label>
<input id="outdoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor">
<label for="outdoor">Outdoor</label>

I passed all besides it says "Give your radio buttons the name attribute of indoor-outdoor. And, each of your two radio button elements should be nested in its own label element. I thought they were named indoor-outdoor, and i thought they were in their own label element.

This line is missing a ".

I feel really dumb right now. But what a?

A double quote character "

Gotcha, my bad. Fixed it. Still saying same thing.

What does “nested” mean?

I’m pretty sure it’s just putting indoor in a label element and outdoor in a label element. So then there would be 2 different options. From the way it looks. I don’t know though. I just started a couple days ago.

Nested means to put an element inside an other

For example, one of the first challenges you were nesting a p element inside a main element. In an other you have also nested an img element inside an a element.



Ok… so can you help me best it? And the indoor-outdoor for the name attribute I dont understand because that is what I did I thought…

Now that you know what “nested” mean, how do you think you should do this?

I got it. Thank you. It was not composed that way on the video so I was really confused of why it would not pass. LOL