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I’ve been stuck for a few days on my project. All my tests seem fine on my side but my project doesn’t pass the PUT and DELETE tests (except the “missing _id” PUT test).

I’ve fixed many little things on trying to see what’s wrong but I’m now really stuck. Could you please help me see what’s the pb in my code ? What should I do differently ?

Thank you :pray:

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No one to help ? Here is my DELETE function if it helps

.delete(function(req, res) {
      let project = req.params.project;
      if (req.body['_id']) {
        var issueId = req.body['_id']
      } else {
        return res.json({
          error: 'missing _id'
      Issue.deleteOne({ project_name: project, '_id': issueId }, function(err) {
        if (err) return res.json({
          error: 'could not delete',
          '_id': issueId
        console.log("One issue deleted in project " + project);
        return res.json({
          result: 'successfully deleted',
          '_id': issueId

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