Stuck on Quality Assurance - "Run Functional Tests using a Headless Browser"

Hi,im trying to do the last 2 exercises of the " Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai" but im stuck,it says that “AssertionError [ERR_ASSERTION]: No open window with an HTML document”.

That error appears because the previous error says “browser” is not defined,when i put a new “const browser = new Browser();” the error changes so i dont know what i can do.

Your project link(s)


Challenge: Run Functional Tests using a Headless Browser

Link to the challenge:


You didn’t change the URL for the project:

const Browser = require('zombie'); = ''; // Your URL here

Which should be And new Browser() is also required

I changed that but the program still dont says “Unexpected end of input”,its related to the “});” ?

Yes, it is. If you hit the auto format button at the top right of the editor on, it should show you where the problem lies :slight_smile:, so yes, you’re missing a });.

Yeah,i used that button but the problem is still there ( “AssertionError [ERR_ASSERTION]: No open window with an HTML document” ) .

Looks like the problem starts when i use “.fill(‘surname’, ‘Colombo’)” on browser,anyway i use console.log(browser) and the site url is correct.

I readed on the forum that this lesson and the next have some errors so maybe i need skip and start next section.Thanks anyway.

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Yeah, it will be updated soon though :slight_smile:.

Edit: by the way, check the GitHub page of zombie and not for the documentation (for some reason they haven’t updated the site).


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