Stuck on SASS in using @for Loop Challenge (help)

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I do not know why this code is failing. Am I doing something wrong here?

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<style type='text/scss'>

@for $j from 1 through 6 {
  .text-#{j} { font-size: 15px * $j; }


<p class="text-1">Hello</p>
<p class="text-2">Hello</p>
<p class="text-3">Hello</p>
<p class="text-4">Hello</p>
<p class="text-5">Hello</p>
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Challenge: Use @for to Create a Sass Loop

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You’re missing one character.

your code;

Revisit the lesson and see if you can spot it

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Thank you so much. I missed the ‘$’ on the variable. I did not notice.

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