Stuck on Step 32 print(i) is going to my printer?

Hello, im going through the build a Pyramid Generator course and I have run into an issue that is new and hoping I can some help. I am on Step 32: for loop

Your loop should now run eight times. Inside the body of the loop, print the value of the i iterator and see what happens. This is what its asking me to do.

I believe the correct answer or sytax is print(i) inside the brackets of the for loop. However when I type this out its actually telling my printer to print; instead of allowing me to move on to the next step im stuck on my printer page. I do not know how to fix this issue so I can move forward. I would grealy appreciate any and all help please.

no, you need to use console.log to print to the console.

Thank you that was the issue I feel kinda dumb …thank you for responding!

I am using console.log(i); and yet get this msg. Is this a bug :frowning: Thanks in advance!

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Thank you.

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