Stuck on the .env file portion of Node and Express

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Hi!! I have been stuck on this step for a few days. I have tried multiple YouTube tutorials and forums, changed my code many times and still cannot pass this step. I’m not sure if I accidentally added code I shouldn’t have and forgot to delete it. Please help :frowning:

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Challenge: Use the .env File

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Hi @sophlamo97

Since you are using according to the instructions on the challenge, you will have to use the Secrets feature of See below for the note:

Note: If you are using Replit, you cannot create a .env file. Instead, use the built-in SECRETS tab to add the variable (key) and its value.

The SECRETS tab looks like a lock (see below).


Hi! thank you for your response! I already did the secret exactly as you pictured, but it still won’t work :frowning:

Can you post the url you are trying to submit for your project (not the url that has the code in it but the live site url)? I want to check something.

here is the live site:

Did you use the SECRETS tab to add your environment variable MESSAGE_STYLE?