Stuck with search function

Hello everyone, this is my second JS project. I am trying to create a website like TMDB. I stuck with searching and showing data from today’s trendings and this week’s trending. Can you help me. this is my repo GitHub - Parsaltem/tmdb-sample: TMDB Sample

hello and welcome back to fcc forum :slight_smile:

maybe try using “repl/codepen/codesandbox/etc” that way it becomes easier to troubleshoot more interactively

can you point to exactly where in codebase you think you need some help with? thanks :slight_smile:

happy coding :slight_smile:

here is my project and stuck with show items in image-container after searching

HI, I guess default behaviour of submit button inside a form is api call.
to run a custom function inside tag by clicking button use

<button id="search" type="button" onClick = "yourSearchFunction(event)">Search</button>

and search script like

    const inputKey =;
    //your data filter logic.

Actually the problem is that I could not find the correct logic to filter movies to show releated area after searching with its name.

  • not sure i understand exactly what you mean here, can you elaborate on this, thanks :slight_smile:

it seems like you fixed it, right?!

happy coding :slight_smile: