Submission of projects

How do I submit my projects??.. can I use GitHub link or must it codepen link only??

Once you’re done, submit the URL to your working project with all its tests passing.

It has to be a “working project”, a running app. Github only stores code. You can put it in CodePen or some other online IDE. You can also host a live version of the app somewhere. There are different options for that, including GitPages. But if you do that, put it in a folder there because you’ll have more than one.

Do you mean I can’t use GitHub pages to host my projects??..

They don’t accept GitHub pages???

you can’t give the link to a GitHub repo, you can give a GitHub Pages link

So I can submit a GitHub pages URL of running app??

Gihub is a repo, that won’t work. Github Pages willhost a static site for you, that would work.

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