Suggestions for supplementing Front End Libraries curriculumm?

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of going through freeCodeCamp’s Front End Libraries curriculum, and I can’t help feeling a bit lost. While I don’t have any trouble doing any of the coding exercises, I don’t feel like I am registering most of what I am reading, and I certainly don’t feel like I am closer to writing a React app from scratch than I did before I started the curriculum.

I am somewhat familiar with jQuery, and I thought Sass was pretty easy.

That said, I do not feel comfortable enough with Boostrap, React, and Redux. Do you have any tips for supplementing freeCodeCamp’s curriculum?

My current plan is to go through the official documentations once I’ve gone through all the coding exercises as I try to do the projects.

Thanks in advance!

If you haven’t done Colt Steele’s course “The Web Developer Bootcamp” on Udemy, it’s a great course. It was updated to cover Bootstrap 4 a while back.

For React and Redux, I’d recommend Andrew Mead’s course on Udemy.

You should only buy these courses when Udemy does a $10 sale (which is fairly often).

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Honestly, FCC’s challenge course on React is not as good as it could be. The FCC React Tutorial on youtube does much better

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In my opinion the best way to learn those frameworks is by getting your hands “dirty” and build something.

It doesn’t have to be a fully working app, you can start with just simple chunk of DOM:

  • a button with an onClick event
  • a working form
  • make a fetch request and display that data

and so on.

You can head over to Create React App, a project maintained by facebook, and start fiddling ideas on your local machine.

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As for learning Redux, I think it’s near impossible to do better than the tutorial videos Dan Abramov (the author of Redux) put out.

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