Sum all numbers in a range (question)

let says the numbers are (4,4), it has to sum 4+4? or it should give the 4 as a result since there is no numbers in between?

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function sumAll(arr) {
arr.sort((a,b)=> a-b);
let newArr=[];
  if (arr[0] != arr[1]){
      for (let i = arr[0];i<=arr[1];i++) 
        return newArr.reduce((a, b) => a + b);
      return arr[0]+arr[1]

sumAll([1, 5]);

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Challenge: Sum All Numbers in a Range

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For my understanding that would be 4, because the range from 4 to 4 is only 4.


Be careful with sort, it mutates the array in place, so you’ve caused a side effect by using it directly on the arr parameter.

You should copy the array via slice or the spread syntax and then call sort on the copy. Or use a different method like Math.min and Math.max to get the bounds.

// copy arr with slice
const copy = arr.slice();
// copy arr with spread
const copy = [...arr];
// using destructuring to get min, max from sorted arr
const [min, max] = copy.sort((a, b) => a - b);
// using spread with Math.min and Math.max
const min = Math.min(...arr);
const max = Math.max(...arr);
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