Sum All Numbers in a Range sort method

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Well, I don’t understand how working method sort()

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function sumAll(arr) {
  arr = arr.sort()
  let sum = arr[0] + arr[1]
  for(let i = arr[0] + 1; i < arr[1]; i++ ) {
    sum += i
  return sum
sumAll(5, 10) // Why it's return unsorted array?  because of this loop not working

method sort() sorting array and return a sorted array, but not correct for me. If I pass in method 5 and 10 - method not sorting array, but if i pass 5 and 9 - it’s sorted - why? I already solve this problem, but it took me
сhange the sorting mechanism:

arr.sort((a, b) => a < b ? 0 : 1)

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The default sort function sorts by unicodes. It does pretty well for letters but not for numbers. That’s why you have to pass in a callback function to correctly sort numbers.

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