Sum All Primes - can't get last test

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Not sure where this is going wrong. My primeArray seems to only contain prime numbers, and I’ve got sumPrimes(10) working fine. Somehow I’m not getting up to the right total with the last challenge.

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function sumPrimes(num) {
  let total = 0;
  let primeArray = [];
  function isPrime(candidate){
    for(let i = 2; i < candidate; i++){
      if(candidate % i === 0){
        return false;
    return true;
  for(let j = 2; j < num; j++){
  total = primeArray.reduce((a,b) => a + b);
  return total;


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Your prime generation algorithm isn’t fast enough and is tripping the infinite loop protection for the final challenge

I wish we had a note about it in the challenge text, or a console message that it’s occurred when it’s tripped (either change could be a good pull request for a beginner)

Consider googling and reading about various prime number generation methods - a particular favourite of mine is the sieve of eratosthenes